Whipping Cream and Running Crazy

Despite my most valiant efforts and noble intentions, we have been failing miserably at this whole do nothing project.

I really meant to, and I thought I tried to, do nothing at all this past week.

Well, it seems the harder I try, the bigger we fall!


We made our own whipped cream for dessert- yummy, low sugar, all natural, organic, and educational!

...and I'd say it was a success!

(home ec, health, math, science)

We learned about healthy food choices and the importance of presentation!

(aka- let's find a way not to open another box of those evil girl scout cookies!)

(nutrition, visual arts, chemistry)

We went to a new food market that had lots of samples (free snacks are fun), and bought organic milk to make our own homemade ice cream, (and cream for making whipped cream and butter!), and veggies and salt for our fermenting party coming up this Tuesday!

(economics, home ec, science, math, social studies)

There was a patio demolition that took place in our back yard this afternoon. (my part was staying out of the way with the girls and then directing while the hubs backed the trailer into the driveway) He says I'm good at directing. ;)

(architecture, business management, safety)

We all watched a supercross race together (sort of;), and had some of the yummy farmers market tamales for dinner (with lots of fixins that the girls helped with)!

(phys ed, economics, home ec)

Yesterday, the girls played with barbies in the 'swimming pool', :( i didnt get a pic, and painted pictures 'inspired by' the new flowers blooming in the front yard.

(p.e., drama, art)

We've also been:

Writing letters to pen pals.
(language arts, communications)

Prepping and planting a backyard garden.
(biology, economics, agriculture)

Man, these girls are advanced! ;)

And, we are still remodeling the house. This week, the hall bath got new floors, paint, baseboards, and a new vanity! Here's a nice picture of our toilet:

Way to go hubs!

All this trying to do nothing is wearing me out!

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