Bloggers in Wonderland

I have recently stumbled down the rabbit hole, (or perhaps through the looking glass) of world-changing, paradigm-shifting, alignment-inducing, enlightenment-producing inspiration; disguised in the form of a handful of sweet and unassuming blogs...

...blogs that are both beautiful and soulful, simultaneously divinely universal and completely personal, a yin and yang of non-threatening and deeply challenging, filled with both meaningful ideals and pretty things (which I must admit a weakness for)...

...and I'm not even quite sure how I got there; but I am certainly glad that I did.

Maybe you can find yourself there too:

Curious Girl

Roots of She

Positively Present

Your Joyologist

I have a feeling that these comfortable winding paths of self discovery and broader human understanding will lead to many others...

I'll keep you posted, you do the same!

Share your favorite places, blogs or otherwise, where you find that daily dose (of beauty, inspiration, self discovery, humor, or whatever else it is that you need a daily dose of) - post it in the comments section below!

Ahem, please?

...and thank you!

Where are my manners?

Love & Light


Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

11 years ago right about now, I was spending the first night of my sweet baby girl's life with her, learning how to be a mother, having nothing but love and a strong will to be a good mother and not a clue in the world as to how to make that happen. Sometimes I still feel just as clueless, and I'm still running on love and willpower, but I have been so incredibly blessed to share this life with such a beautiful human being. Trinity- I can only hope to teach you half of the valuable life lessons that I have learned from you, I'm so lucky to have you for a daughter- I love you!
Happy 11th Birthday my sweet baby girl!

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