transitional chaos!!!!!

we've got the trailer loaded and ready to make our first trip to this temporary residence- and it starts to rain!
can somebody say roundup! we have been overwhelmed all day trying to deal with the sheer magnitude of stuff that we have accumulated in just a few years! if it werent for my strong aversion to wasting things, i would just set it all on fire!
i feel that i have been prompted for quite some time now, (by god), to get rid of everything. maybe it is just that i really really really dont want to 'deal' with all of it, or maybe i am being directed towards my 'gypsy fantasy' life! i feel really torn between putting down roots,(ie. buying a home, settling in, having the little fenced yard, herb garden, local sports leagues, picture perfect house) and spreading my wings, (ie. selling/giving away all the 'stuff', getting rid of all the debt, converting a school bus to green fuel and taking off to explore this big big world first hand). there are so many pros and cons to both paths; what to do, what to do?