transitional chaos!!!!!

we've got the trailer loaded and ready to make our first trip to this temporary residence- and it starts to rain!
can somebody say roundup! we have been overwhelmed all day trying to deal with the sheer magnitude of stuff that we have accumulated in just a few years! if it werent for my strong aversion to wasting things, i would just set it all on fire!
i feel that i have been prompted for quite some time now, (by god), to get rid of everything. maybe it is just that i really really really dont want to 'deal' with all of it, or maybe i am being directed towards my 'gypsy fantasy' life! i feel really torn between putting down roots,(ie. buying a home, settling in, having the little fenced yard, herb garden, local sports leagues, picture perfect house) and spreading my wings, (ie. selling/giving away all the 'stuff', getting rid of all the debt, converting a school bus to green fuel and taking off to explore this big big world first hand). there are so many pros and cons to both paths; what to do, what to do?

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  1. Dandelion, I have just briefly looked over your blog - you just made me a contact on Flickr, so I had to check you out!!!!

    I think we have tons of stuff in common, we are just moving out into temporary accommodation this week too, from our rented house and boy oh boy, the stuff we have accumulated!!!!

    I, like you struggle with this wanderlust every single day, I love the title of this blog, just sums up everything doesn't it???

    We have always been wanderers, all our lives, never been able to put down roots, but I think we are coming to the stage where all this continual moving is getting us down - I long for a vegetable patch of my own!!!!! The hardest decision is to actually settle down.

    Hey, 'converting a school bus', 'gypsy-fantasy life' - where have you been all this time????

    Good luck with the move, I am just about to finish putting everything into boxes myself and getting that trailer hooked up, and yes, it is raining. I will be moving into the deep cleaning stage tomorrow (just been given a fantastic book on organic housekeeping!) and yes I have been tempted to burn all the junk!! I know how you feel.

    Anyway so lovely to 'stumble' across you, I sense this could be the start of something good!
    I love your photos too -
    Lune x
    p.s. I unschool by kids.