my favorite aunt (only four years older than me, so more like a big sis) once told me... "it seems like every time you try to put down roots, somebody comes along and sprays roundup!"
boy if that isnt the truth!
i have been kindof a runaway for as long as i can remember, so maybe some people just arent supposed to have roots? at least not in the usual sense of the word. maybe my roots are supposed to be srictly on a spiritual level?
so this is where i am today:
we have been staying with my dad for about a month now after finding out that our baby girl had an elevated lead level. we were hoping to move to dallas where my husband has a friend with some good connections in the racing industry (his lifelong dream). we are in a kind of limbo right now not really knowing which way to go. we could empty our bank account and pay deposits, etc. to rent a house here in louisiana until we get our metaphorical ducks in a row, we could empty our bank account moving to dallas and hope the job comes through, we could spend some time in new mexico with my inlaws while living in my sister-in-laws travel trailer, we could buy an old school bus from my dad, convert it to greasel, make it liveable, and take off without a set destination and just hope that god leads us to where we should be. there are actually any number of options, pretty much all of them involve emptying out the little money we do have from the lovely irs; but, hey its only money right?

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  1. I truly loved readin all your beginning posts... it makes me feel like I am not alone in my voyage of discovery and rediscovery and the big "WHO AM I?" question. I look forward to reading more. :-) Hettie