Hooping at the Park, Hooping after dark...

I like to Hoop both here and there, I like to Hoop most anywhere.

I do so like to Hula Hoop.
I do, I like it, and that's the scoop!

I have to admit, I didn't jump head first on the hooping bandwagon in the beginning.

For one thing, I'm kind of categorically opposed to being a sheep. And it was the 'new' thing, and everybody was jumping in and acting like they single handedly brought back the humble hula hoop. I found it annoying and would just vomit slightly in my mouth every time I saw someone else mention it on Facebook.

I'm just not the person to jump in and do something just because that's what everyone else is doing. I mean, I'm an unschooler for goodness sake. I'm clearly not into the whole 'if all your friends were jumping off a bridge' (public school, ahem) mentality.
(excuse me, I must be coming down with something) ;D

For example:
I even refused to buy into the whole insane cult girl world of LPS, (that's Littlest Pet Shops for the layperson), that is, until I saw how intensely into it both of my girls were. (Thanks to gifts from their aunts and grandmas, who were smart enough to just listen to the kids when they said they wanted them.)

I, on the other hand, was determined to reveal the evils of cheap plastic toys from china and mass marketing campaigns, to convince my girls to be above it all.

Ok, saying it now, of course I realize how ridiculous those expectations were, but at least I can say I shared my honest thoughts, gave them the real information about the consequences of our choices as consumers, and maybe somewhat illuminated the sly tactics of media and marketing.

Yeah, I know. I said 'maybe'!

And I can also say that I was open-minded enough to notice how amazing these ugly little things were for my kids hearts and minds, and now I even have a few favorite LPS's. I love them and think they're adorable, and at one point memorized the names of more than fifty of them, and was quizzed repeatedly (against my will) by miss T until I had them all right!

(I even handmade a t-shirt patch of Lady JaJa's favorite kitty...

...And am working on a peacock for Miss T)

The point is, I'm not a blind follower, but I'm not just a rebel without a cause either. I'm still open-minded and balanced enough to recognize a good thing... Eventually. ;)

So... at first, I didn't jump on the Hoop Craze, well, because everyone else was doing it.

But perhaps more importantly, it's not much fun when you feel like a completely spastic hooping robot!
I mean, there are only so many ways to play it off when you just smacked yourself in the teeth with your hula hoop! (again)

But still, there was always something about hooping that appealed to me on a deeper level.

It's simple, it's retro, it's timeless.
It requires no batteries.

Not to mention, the hoops are all so bright and beautiful!

What can I say, I like vintage, and I like pretty.

Hooping is a classic, and that appeals to me.

So after being dragged to a couple hooping classes and hoop jams by a friend, and actually learning a couple tricks, (and how to smack myself in the teeth much less often), I have to admit...

Hooping is a good thing!
(even if everyone else is doing it)

So now we can be seen most days, (and nights), out in our yard hooping. Or out at some park with gaggles of unschooling moms and kids. Sometimes even at midnight on Mardi Gras, disturbing the neighbors, with our awesome new friends! ;)

Hey, I can admit when I'm wrong!
(just don't tell my husband) ;)

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