Manic Monday

It's been a busy week so far!

I'm trying to document what we're doing every day, at least a little something, but me keeping up with things daily is going to have to be a process!

Clearly, I'm going to need to be patient with myself as I grow into this goal, but in the meantime, there may be the occasional (or weekly) 'catch-up' post! ;)


We had a play date with a group of girls we haven't seen for several months.

I had planned to do Mardi Gras mask making and crafts, and I had the best intentions to have some King Cake or other Mardi Gras themed food, but like I said before, the whole 'me keeping up with things' is still a work in progress!

So instead the girls all played outside, swinging on the hammock and chasing the dog, until the littlest member got upset that nobody would play kitties with her. :(
What do you do when the bigger kids don't want to include or play along with the little ones?
You break out the black liquid eyeliner and paint everyones face like a kitty!

And after five whole minutes of playing kitties, they were all happy to move on to making kitty themed crafts (totally their idea), and made construction paper mice, fish, and balls of yarn!

Gotta love those unschooled kids!

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