How we made our own homemade version of the topsy turvy tomato for the back patio. What worked, what we could've done better.

*Plastic 'terra-cotta' type pot from Home Depot
(it came with a little black plastic piece in the bottom, this is necessary)
*Soil/Potting Mix
*Tomato Plant
*Herbs (for top of pot)
*Twine (and someone who knows how to tie knots)
*Hook to hang it from (very important when you are holding an upside down tomato in a pot)

First, we made the hole at the bottom of the pot bigger. Big enough to fit the tomato plant through, but small enough so that the little plastic piece stays in. ( Didn't get a pic of that step, but you can see the pot in the background of the first pic.)

This is the little black plastic piece that was at the bottom of the pot. We cut it from the outside edge to the middle so that it could open like a pacman mouth, and that's how we slid the tomato plant into the middle of it:

Next, we put the tomato plant (with the black plastic piece around the base of the plant) through the bottom hole of the pot:

This is what it looks like inside the pot:

This is what it looks like from below:

Made twine 'hanger' (you'll need to do some creative knot tying here), to wrap around pot lip, slid up bottom of pot:

Then, I held the pot while hubby screwed in the hook to hang it from.
Tip: Do this step before you put the tomato in! :o)

Hang it from the hook, fill with dirt, put herbs in top of pot, and water!

Sit back, enjoy some watermelon...

And wait for it to grow!

Here it is after a few weeks of sunshine and water:

We spent as much or more as we would have on that infomercial brand, but ours has a place for herbs on top, and I think it looks MUCH nicer than the other one! Wouldn't you agree?



  1. You very witty folks! I love the place for herbs on top!

  2. Oh this is just too groovy. Go you! So what is the benefit of this anyway? Other than the grooviness, of course. ;)


  3. LOL! I asked my hubby the same question!
    His answer: because she wanted one, because it's fun, and it will be an educational experience, and daddy daughter bonding time. (and he knew i wouldn't like spending 20 bucks on the ugly one they sell on tv)
    Good enough for me! Plus I get to have herbs in the top! And really, we have no yard, so maybe they get more sun this way than they would in a pot on the patio floor?
    so...after all that rambling, ya, grooviness! ;)

  4. Great post! Thanks for submitting to the Hands-On Homeschool Carnival.

  5. You sure don't have to worry about box turtles getting to your tomatoes. :)

  6. This is fabulous! I can't wait to do it with my kiddos next spring. Thanks for sharing this on the hands on carnival!