my husband and oldest daughter conspired to go to the grocery store to get 'toothpicks' (flowers) so they could finish making flautas, hid them in the back seat of the truck, brought out the 'trash', (put ice water in a vase to keep them fresh overnight).

then in the morning, hubby woke up early, snuck outside (i was sleeping on the living room floor with the girls), brought the flowers in and put them on the table so they would be the first thing i saw when i woke up! TOO sweet, right?

but wait, there's more...

i have had a three week long love-hate relationship with getting dreads in my hair. i'd love them and how wild and crazy they were one day, but i'd wake up the next morning to these flat roadkill looking rat nests sticking out everywhere.

it took a few AWESOME friends DAYS of working on them, spread out over two weeks to even get them all done, (man the looks i got from all the crafty old ladies when i went to Micheal's half dreaded/half straight hair).

then i had to wash them because my head was itching like mad, and half of them came undone and there were wild stray hairs everywhere.

rather than the cool alternative hairdo i had dreamed of, i looked like i had escaped from a mental institution and drifted between dumpsters and random park benches for a few weeks!

i had just about given up on them, and was resigned to the fact that i would have to cut them or try to comb them out.

but my sweet man wouldn't hear of it! he knew how bad i have wanted dreads for about ten years now, so he said he would see if he could help; then promptly went to get some aloe vera gel, came home and worked on my hair for about 5 hours!!!

can you believe that?

needless to say, i feel very loved and very lucky to be the mother of two amazing daughters with this one of a kind man!


  1. That is one seriously awesome man! :)

  2. Awww what a sweet man. My hubby put my dreads in too - 14 hours of work! Makes them so much more special. :)

    Be patient with them. You will undoubtly go thru times where they look hellacious and you wonder what the heck you were thinking, other times when you can't love them more. It's all part of the journey. :)

    You look beautiful, mama! Dreads, rats nest or no hair at all can't change that!


  3. That ROCKS that he would do that for you. What a gift from the heart.

  4. He really is a rockin awesome man!

    I will come back and read this next time I get mad at him (gasp!), but yes it happens.

    I guess husbands are like dreads, right?

    "Be patient with them. You will undoubtly go thru times where...you wonder what the heck you were thinking, other times you can't love them more. It's all part of the journey. :)" -Tara

    thanks for the awesome quote, my organic dreaded sista! and the sooo sweet compliment!! <3 xoxo

  5. They look fantastic! And that is a very cool husband.

    I remember when I decided to shave my head and my husband did it for me. It wasn't hours of work, but it meant a lot to me since I knew he wasn't a fan of me doing it.

    Now I've decided to get purple streaks in my hair. Any suggestions about how many or where to place them? Hmmm?

  6. what an amazing man, seriously! you look so beautiful!