Always a nice reminder that the universe can use any means to send you a message, if you can just pay attention and receive it, when you get a text like this, that is exactly what you need to hear, from someone you haven't really connected with in a very long time-

"So gmornin beauty! I didn't fergetcha bday, I just couldn't grab ur ear. Just a lil note I wanted to share:

Its ok to need extra rest, more comfort, be more needy, and have less to give in times of stress or dis-ease. Accept yourself, your changed needs (usually only temporary anyway). It's perfectly ok to allow yourself to cocoon thru the transformation. Surrender to the process, be nice to u, and trust that a new exciting energy is being created within u!
Before long, you will take wings n fly!
New perspective! YAY!

I love you!!!"

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