Homeschool Co-op Halloween Party

This being our first time ever doing a homeschool co-op, it was our first time doing a homeschool co-op Halloween party!

The girls were excited to get to dress up in costume for the fashion show-

And I was excited to practice a little kitchen witchery, and do a little makeup magic of my own! ;)

It was a great party, complete with a costume catwalk, scavenger hunts, buckets of goop (aka- non Newtonian liquid, aka cornstarch and water), and a frighteningly fantastic obstacle course! (T's 12th b-day party theme has come in handy and made me a superhero of an assistant P.E. teacher) ;D. *cue superhero music

Most importantly, the kids had a great time, and we all got to eat some good junk food!

(we now return to our regularly scheduled *healthy* program)

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