Birthday Wish Kits

A sweet handmade gift idea, perfect for a last minute throw together, using whatever you have around.

We usually have leftover party supplies of all sorts piling up in the craft room, bits and pieces of things as good as new, but with no real usability.

A few extra bubble bottles, streamers, balloons, pencils, recycled tissue paper, some glitter and scrapbook paper= one cute gift!

I love to use card stock takeout containers, which I usually have on hand, since they make great utensils holders for parties too!
Stuff with tissue paper, fill with goodies, tie on hand written notes with coordinating ribbon pieces, and voila!

For this pink box, the idea was birthday wishes for a sweet little girl who loves pink and magic and fairies.

So i used pink polka dot tissue paper (reused) 9 pink balloons (she was turning 9) tied together with pink satin ribbon, a glittery pink pencil & believe pencil (both leftovers from easter or spring packs), an extra bottle of bubbles, small bottle of pink glitter, a wishing star, pink handmade recycled crayons, and two pink felt flower hair clips!

Everything was either something we had that hadn't been used, something we made, or something leftover from a past birthday party.

The trick to making it extra special is the hand written notes. Using whatever coordinating scrap paper we had, circle cutter (could also be hand cut), and a pink marker, we came up with sweet wish themed messages for each element of the gift box, and tied them on with pretty pink ribbon.

*Wish on a Star* for the pink glitter paper star cut-out
*Set your Dreams Afloat* for the balloons
*Believe in Magic* for the pencil
*Wear Flowers in Your Hair* on the hair clips
Etc etc etc, you get the picture!

We had another last minute party to attend the following week, also for a 9yr old girl, but a totally different kind of girl. A super sweet and sassy, bright and colorful, dancing queen pop music kind of girl, so her gift box came out totally different, even though most of the stuffers were the same, well, stuff!

Purple & green are her fave colors, so we started there, and came up with a little more spunky phrases for her birthday wishes.

*Throw some Glitter* (Kesha style)on a bag of glitter
*Drink it Up* for a crazy straw
*Shoot for the Stars* on a star shaped lollipop
*Color Your World* for the crayons

You get the point! Just have fun with it, and make it fit to the child.

Both gifts were a big hit, both with the birthday girls, and the moms!
And you'll get to look like a crafty goddess with a thoughtful handmade gift! ;)

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