I remember as a kid, I never wanted a little sister.
I was the only girl until she came along and stole the show!
She was the most adorable little thing, with white blonde hair that hung in ringlet curls,
huge sparkling baby blue eyes, and lashes that swept the top of her eyebrows when she blinked!
Being older by almost 6 years, she became 'my charge' much of the time,
and always wanted to tag along with me and my friends.
Needless to say, I hated her!

I also remember really wanting to have a BFF kind of friend.
The kind of friendship where you finish each other's sentences,
where you could tell the truth all the time and still love each other,
where you knew no matter what was going on in life,
there was always at least one person in the world who would be there,
and who really understood you.

Little did I know...
She would be both!

(see the heart in the photo?)

I'm smiling because you are my sister;
I'm laughing because...

there is NOTHING you can do about it!


  1. I am in abosoulte love with this post! I can so relate to the relationship of sisters...I have 2, Katrina (2 years younger) and Robin (8 years younger). They are my very best friends and I feel so lucky to have them in my life! You are both so beautiful! :)

  2. Hey man! It's Heather from the emails. Just reading this and I smiled and thought of my older sister. I have two, Bonnie who is 28, and Johnny who is 25, and when Johnny was younger, she told me that when I was born, she cried because she wanted a brother instead. Currently I'm 17. I really like that my sister are several years older than me.

  3. That is a beautiful picture! My sister is my BFF.