what goes on in there?

today, i get a 'how to play barbies' lesson.

the cast keeps growing and growing, what started off as a small family of mom/dad/and 6 daughters,
is morphing with each trip to the closet to pull out more and more stuff...

to help keep this straight, my thoughts are in parentheses, all the rest is what she told me, somewhat paraphrased because it was hard to keep up with the train of thought, and the quotations are her direct quotes.

'...his snake is 105 yrs old, his parents got it for him for christmas when he was 5 years old.
he's 47 now, the queen is 43.
his snake is a cobra that's all milked out, it came from a milking farm, so it can never produce venom again.
her snake is a ball python, they're non-venomous.
the daughters names are gina, rita, sunny, sophia, daisy, and sleeping beauty.
the moms name is mirabella, the dads name is ivan.
the queens royal advisor is luciella, (added the 'i', per request)
the kings royal advisor is john, "which is too unroyal, but actually , umm.... yeah, john."
her pet snake sleeps on her belly.
the dad always sleeps on his side, so his cobra sleeps on the shelf by the bed.
sleeping beauty has a pet koala
daisy has a pet panda
sophia has a pet lion
rita, she has a pet peacock
gina, she has a pet puppy, a little fluffy white puppy named toutou, with a pink bow
sunny, she has a pet horse,
and they all have a special blanket.'

'sometimes the queen has to go to royal court (this is my favorite idea) because sometimes her daughters go outside when they arent supposed to,
like when they are supposed to have a dance lesson, or a nap, or royalty lessons, or sometimes the dog pees on the poor peoples yard and they get mad because it kills all their crops, so they have to go to court bc they want to take it (the dog) and ship it to another country.
and nibble (named that bc when they first got him, he nibbled on her ribbons, she told me so) is half bug/half owl who sometimes leaves owl pellets on their doorstep.
and the girls always play with the queens pink sparkling horse with purple hair, whose name is louise.
john has a big gray horse with a birthmark on his back leg(a scratch of some sort)
the horses are brother and sister, and the brother is older, even though he has giant eyelashes and looks like a girl.'

[now that we have established all the 'back story', the play begins...]

'john has been injured because he was thrown off his horse, 'johnny'.
he broke both his legs, and sunny is nursing him back to health.

the queens royal advisor goes to the aquarium with the little princesses...
(we have an aquarium in the bedroom)
[muffled voices, alternating between regal and authoritative,(the royal advisor)
to high-pitched whiny and nasal(the princesses).]
sleeping beauty can't go to the aquarium bc she needs a nap.
the only time she's awake is to eat, use the bathroom, and get her royal lessons.
"thats what she likes to do."
she wants to go to the aquarium but she needs to take a nap,
and after they left she realized she did need to take a nap.'

azul(a peacock) is the second biggest of all the pets, and nibble(half bug-half owl) is the smallest.

[in walks godzilla(little sister just woke up),]

'biiiiiiggggg siiiiiiggggghhhhhhhh'

"then a giant comes and takes all the animals, and they live happily ever after, the end...?"

[question mark also added per request,]
"because later when she takes a nap, i'm going to finish the story"


  1. What a great imagination she has!!! This is the cutest!

  2. wow! she could be writing tv scripts someday! ;)


  3. You have a very beautiful family! so wonderful..I tried to view the bird you asked about, but the picture would not load :-( is there another place I could see it?