flickr frustration

i may never master the concept of blogging...
i cant get a consistent result from using the 'blog this' button on my photos.
wouldnt even do test post from flickr,
so removed blog, readded blog, test post worked.
tried actual post, wouldnt post,
scoured help forum, changed password in blogger, post worked,
tried another picture immediately after that one, wouldnt post.
few hours later, tried again, posted.

reading back over this,
maybe flickr, or blogger, wont post because
i refuse to capitalize or use proper punctuation and spelling!

like the french teacher in high school
who refused to answer if you asked a question in english
she would yell, "EN FRANCAIS!!!!"


  1. Gah! I can definitely see how that would be frustrating!!!

  2. VERY!
    thanks for the compassion though!

  3. don't feel too bad....I used to be able to post from Flickr then I must have changed a password or something because now it won't work. Unlike you I gave up after second try. Hi, I'm VJPL

  4. Do you know how to add your photos another way? By copying the code from the "all sizes" button above the photo? That's the way I do it cuz I want to preview the post on my blog, center the photo and have more control before I hit "post".


  5. have you tried using a different web browser? I post direct from my iPhoto but still used to have a terrible time editing posts. Then I switched from Safari to Firefox and it's been sweet ever since......I shouldn't have said that should I ... next time I post it'll all go pear-shaped! t.x

  6. thanks sister and pink!
    i am going to try both of these suggestions!
    i'm just a slacker! -AJPL (wink to vicki)

  7. yeah, I was just about to say - use the ALL SIZES button and then copy the code an paste it into the html window on wordpress, hey its great.

    If you then click on the little photo icon on the corner of your photo you can set if you have a border or if the text wraps round it etc..... all good fun!!!!

    Oh I just forgot, you are on Blogger, oh well, I am sure you have the same kinda technology over here.

    Lune x x x x