i have fallen off the nablopomo blogging challenge after only 3 consecutive days.
but, oh well. to look on the bright side- no more pressure, so any blogging now will be purely for just because reasons.
i dont do well with ultimatums, maybe the challenge is too challenging for my don't push me into a corner tendencies?
i must have bucked it subconsciously and intentionally screwed it up! okay, so now i can just have fun.
i want to change the look of my blog; lighten it up a bit, make it prettier, and hey, it is still with the theme of change!
and it will also be a challenge, because i am in no way a techy. not even a little. it takes me forever just to upload a picture!
any comments containing tips and tricks for quick uploads will win a prize! okay, maybe not, but i might send you a thank you note!

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