The theme for January is CHANGE.
That seems appropriate for the start of the new year.

Change can be such an intimidating word; just the word implies so many expectations.
Expectations can lead to so much stress and disappointment.
The idea of something new, the hope of something better, the thoughts of the ideal.
The fear of failing to meet expectations, the possibility of disappointment, the idea of nothing changing.

Change can happen is so many ways; instant, lifelong, lasting change; or slow, subtle, almost unidentifiable change.
But the very idea of changing something, anything, whether it be the way we interact with our kids, the way we handle conflict with our significant other, taking care of our health, changing our eating habits, or simply taking the time to look up at the sky everyday; the idea of making a change in our lives inspires us. With the intention come new and creative ways of viewing things, of reacting to people, of taking in life. Only the intention is required, an honest, sincere intent, to begin instituting change. So, I, for a change, will not expect of myself to have a completely different life by midnight on New Years Day. I will accept that change is a process, possibly without an identifiable end. My resolution for this year, will be to hold on to the intention of change; because with that intent will come all the creativity, determination, and hope, that i will need to make a real and lasting change in my life. And i absolutely believe, that with creativity, determination, hope, and intention, change will come.

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