Phone Blogging

Since getting an iPhone a couple months ago, I have had it in my hand. Like, constantly. Like, I take it with me to the bathroom.
Who wouldn't, right?
... Right???
(somebody tell me I'm not the only one?)

I mean, there's games to play, and web to surf, and all the amazing apps!

Educational apps for the kids, educational apps for grownups (I'm currently learning Spanish, French, and Italian, and studying art history, thank you very much), and of course there's Pandora and Twitter and Facebook.
There's dictation apps so you can 'text' while driving, which i would never do bc that is really dangerous. ;)
Theres a handy gluten free app, and who wants to be a millionaire...
And everything else in between, from bubble paper and snowglobe, to Farmers market finder and recipe grazer!

(And don't even get me started on words with friends!)

Plus I have this adorable little owl case to carry it around in...
(thanks husband!)

But i digress.

Well, anyway, since clearly the newness hasn't worn off yet, and looks like it might not, I may as well use my face time with my phone wisely.

As in logging what we're doing-what the kids are learning, our playdates, daytrips and travels, our funny moments, inspired thoughts, and even our challenges and struggles.

Because let's face it, I'm no scrapbooker; and we don't have those handy little 'school memories' books like my mom kept for us, and I also kinda suck at sending pictures and keeping in touch with everyone...

So this is our memory book. On the Internet, in my phone, from the heart, our lives, to share with our friends and family, near and far.

Come on in, have a seat, share your thoughts... tell me I'm not the only one who takes my phone into the bathroom!

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  1. you are most definitely not the only one. not the only one that takes it into the bathroom or who lives on their smart phone. I've been tweeting from mine since 2008, and blogging from mine since 2010....and yes, even in the bathroom :-)

    hope you keep it up!! xoxoxo

  2. Yay! glad to see you're blogging again. whatever it takes :-) and ummm.....remember when I got my smart phone? and ummm....started a blog just about the dang thing?? so yeah, totally nRml :-)

  3. what the hell? ? I thought I lost the first one, so did another one. now I think I just dod two...make it three! lol

    please don't publish all of these!