New Years Resolutions

As I'm making these seemingly ridiculous lists of resolutions for the coming year, I'm realizing that many of these things have already been set as intention and are beginning to become a part of my reality.

So, this (extremely detailed) list is not meant to hold me to some impossible new standard of living beginning tomorrow, full force, but to put into the universe the energy of intention and focus within myself to grow and develop these things gently and lovingly in their own time.

And actually, all of the things listed here could probably be summed up with one simple phrase:



Play with the kids
Do a daily activity (craft, game, lessons, science experiments, cooking, etc.)
Have specified responsibility charts for everyone in the family
Have a relaxed but reliable daily routine
Institute a reasonable bedtime for the kids
Spend some quality alone time with my husband every night
Read with the kids every day and at bedtime
Drink Kombucha
Drink Kefir
Drink herbal tea
Prepare & eat healthful meals for our family
Meditate/practice yoga morning and night
Watch or read the news every day
Go for a walk morning and evening
Look at the sky, day and night (preferably sunrise and sunset)


Completely clean the house (sweep, mop, vacuum, bathrooms, etc)
Have a date night with my hubby
Have a dedicated family day together
Have a movie night in
Have a family game night
Have an educational or fun outing (park, museum, library)
Have in home play dates with friends
Call my parents
Visit a farmers market


Celebrate new moon and full moon
Spend a day at the spa
Have a manicure and pedicure
Have a full body massage
Have a potluck dinner party with friends
Go on a weekend camping trip


Purge the house of no longer needed items
Research holiday traditions and create new and meaningful family celebrations
Fully learn, explore, experience, and appreciate each season
Visit with out of town family


For me:
Remember to trust my instincts
Get more organized
Learn to make Kombucha and Kefir
Learn to make naturally fermented veggies
Learn to make homemade breads and cheeses
Grow our own food & herbs
Move forward with Photography & Crafting, from hobbies to income
Get better at keeping up with things!!!

With Steve:
Learn new and better communication skills
Be more compassionate
Be more patient & understanding
Be more loving & caring
Be more romantic! ;)

With Trinity:
Cook our way through The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
Take her to a farm to milk a cow
Become a better listener
Talk to her more
Sing with her

With JaJa:
Take her to a dance class
Get better at gently loving her through her meltdowns
Model a calm and peaceful attitude to be a better example for her
Talk to her more often
Dance with her

It's pretty clear that my focus for the year is on building a healthy family and home life, getting more in touch with each other, nature, and self.

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