I'm THAT mom

I'm that mom who enjoys the idea that 'normal' people think we're weird, because i think it's just weird to want to be so damned normal.

I'm that mom who sometimes forgets that our lifestyle is not considered 'normal', because to me, it seems like the most normal and natural thing on the planet to follow the instincts to love, protect, and nurture your children.

I'm that mom who believes that childhood is precious, fleeting, and worth protecting, and that the world we live in deeply undermines and devalues the hearts and minds of our children.

I'm that mom who makes statements like the one above without the slightest bit of religious fundamentalism as the basis for those beliefs, but with the deepest and most sincere motivation of supporting the 'natural' order of things.

I'm that mom that believes there is wonder and knowledge all around us, and it is our natural desire to take in those things that fill us with understanding and appreciation of our world.

I'm that mom who is appreciating this exercise because it reminds me of the kind of mom that i am, and sometimes i need to be reminded.

I'm also that mom who believes it is equally valuable to share our failings with each other, as well as with our children, so as not to build an illusion of perfect ideology that is impossible to live up to.

So, I'm that mom that is still just a human being, with limits, and flaws, and quirks, and old wounds.

And I'm that mom who believes in apologizing to my children when said limits are breached and I react from a place that is other than respectful or loving to my children.

I'm that mom who believes there is opportunity for learning and growth in all things, especially our failings.

And I'm both that mom that I always wanted to be, and the one that I never wanted to be, sometimes within 5 minutes of each other.

But I'm always that mom who deeply loves and adores the preciousness of my children.

And I'll always be that mom who seeks the path to becoming a better mom, because i believe if you think you've got it all figured out, you're probably really missing the point!

*inspired by this spontaneous blog carnival (leave it to the unschoolers) which was originally inspired by this post which was then followed up by this post
*and specifically inspired by my friend Vicki's post
*and this one, written by another friend and fellow unschooling mom, Lisa Russell, really sums up our 'crazy' point of view pretty well, and she's funny!

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  1. Lovely addition to the carnival! Power to ya!

  2. Lovely post, and I love all your links. :-)

    So glad you joined in!

  3. Mous who can apologize are special mums :)

  4. I totally agree! I don't want to be normal at all and I'm not. Crunchy, dreadheaded, gypsy family that lives on the road. Nice to meet you!