We are always looking for new IDEAS on how to CELEBRATE the HOLIDAYS and SEASONS. After all, celebrating LIFE is the best way to LIVE, right?

We are specifically trying to focus our holiday TRADITIONS towards a more NATURE-based approach, and away from a mass consumerism mentality.

Of course, because I LOVE doing kid focused CRAFTS, that's usually what's going on around here; so I'll SHARE a fun how-to that we did yesterday!

First draw a sketch (or have your daughter draw one ;) on a piece of paper to make a pattern:

Cut out:

Pin in place to two pieces of craft felt, wrong sides facing:

Or, if you forget to do a double thickness, like I did, just cut out the first one, flip the pattern over, and pin to the other piece:

After both pieces are cut, sew them together using a blanket stitch:

Add details, and attach to a hair clippie, and voila:

I'd LOVE to hear how you and your FAMILY mark the blossoming of SPRINGTIME.


  1. How cute is that hair clip?

    My kids are grown now, but every season had crafts for the 4 of them. Mini trees and wreaths to decorate for Christmas with beads and buttons. Branch trees painted white and planted in plaster of paris for Easter, with blown eggs that were decorated by the kids. poly clay frames for Mother's Day. all sorts of things. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So cute and I bet she loves it even more b/c it's her design!

  3. We do eggs!!!! Or get a goat!! You can browse for ideas on my blog....
    Very sweet photos you have, and good ideas!
    I just stumbled upon it.....