Our family participated in this program last summer, and the email just came in again today, so I signed us up again, because even though we didn't use it as often as we would've liked to, it was still nice knowing we had it.

Bowling would be a great rainy summer day activity, or it's over 110 degrees outside kind of activity also!

I just realized this would probably be a pretty good thing to share with other unschoolers/homeschoolers out there, so feel free to pass along the link to your friends and groups that might enjoy it!


This link will take you to the US Map page where you can just click on your state, then select a city near you, and it will take you to the registration form. Just that simple, and the coupons come to your email weekly where you can print them out or just ignore them if you're not up for bowling that week. Very simple, and FREE stuff is good!

You also have the option to sign up for a family membership for the summer for about 25 bucks, and then you can play with the kids too, 2 free games per day all summer. Nobody bowls that much!

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