so, lots of people think that unschoolers dont DO anything all day long.
they aren't doing curriculum, or sitting in a classroom for 8 hours with 30 other kids, so their 'education' must not be valid, right?

well, let's talk about what we did here today.

there was cooking and cleaning, taking care of 2 new baby kittens, feeding, playing, petting, changing the litter box,
some swimming and snorkeling in the pool, some playing and talking with a much missed family member that's in town visiting and staying with us, preparing and planning for pottery night/tie dying/potluck, learning to cook a vegetable curry, tie dying, and pottery making, eating, laughing, and talking with friends, playing outside together, cleaning up together.
talking on the phone, making plans with other friends about tomorrow nights midnight showing of harry potter, which we are dressing up for and attending as a group, sending emails making plans for thursday's lunch and swimming play date with a new unschooler friend at the home of an unschooling alumni/goddess, making plans for visiting the aquarium later in the week with our life long unschooler/babysitter, watching some nice 'educational' videos, sesame street, baby signing time, and meet the fockers (for the older people), and making plans to visit a local beach for our weekly unschoolers park day gathering!
i'm sure i'm forgetting some things, and i know i've left out lots of details, but hey, it's 2 am, and i just now found the time to blog for a moment, after choosing to leave the rest of the email answering, and date making, and planning for tomorrow when i am rested and refreshed again.

but, what about socialization?



  1. Don't DO anything?! Our unschooling days were the busiest , most tiring days EVER! But boy do I miss 'em. :)

  2. HAHA! those of us who know better can sit back and have a nice chuckle at such silly ideas! ;)
    doing 'nothing' all day certainly can be exhausting, yes?