...and 7+ months later...

well, that was a noble attempt.
and here is another.
soooo much has happened in the last 7months that i will not even attempt to 'catch up'.
i will simply start from here.
i guess there is a life lesson in there somewhere as well.
perhaps i will figure it out by the time i am done?
so right here, right now, i am disappointed and a little embarrassed to say that my lovely unschooled 7yr old is now a somewhat happy, and extremely successful member of the local public school system.
gasp! i know. i dont love it, but it is something that needed to happen.
it just got to be too much for me to handle, between the illness and the pregnancy. long story, but i thought it was more kind to put her in school just so she could be out of the house and away from my struggles everyday. it got to be emotionally too hard on her. i could see it in her. and finally coming to the conclusion that the whole reason i have always felt so strongly about homeschooling is because i wanted what was best for my girl; i realized that what was best at one point in time, was no longer the best option. sometimes the circumstances in life call for a change in the gameplan. the goal is the same, the route has to change.
so two roads diverged in a wood, and i, i chose the one that was the best option for NOW. it may not be the best option forever, but for NOW it is.
well, i see a lesson developing...
we can only start from here; from where we are right NOW.
we can only choose the best possible option that is available to us right NOW.
we cannot live on yesterday, (or the past 7+ months), we must seize the HERE AND NOW.
carpe diem

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