in the beginning...

so this is the hard part for me. actuallly starting something. i created this blog almost a month ago, but still not a single posting. maybe this is a perfect example of what i like to call "perfectionist procrastination". you see, i have a feeling of responsibility about the very first entry being phenomenally engaging, and impactful, and really getting to the 'root' of what i am trying to accomplish here. however, after weeks of not accomplishing any blog progress whatsoever; i have resigned myself to just begin with something. and this, as it turns out, could be a great 'life lesson'.
my firm belief is that life lessons come most effectively from: yes, you guessed it- life. the things that are most firmly embedded into us, our values, and morals, and views about the world, and our place in that world are not formed by sitting in a classroom just desperately wanting to be like everyone else, to not stand out or let our light shine, but to blend into the background noise. nor are there any valuable longstanding lessons learned through reading boring textbooks, doing endless numbers of ridiculous worksheets, or memorizing endless seemingly disconnected facts and figures and names and dates. but life itself, by the very nature of it, provides us with all the lessons we really need to know, exactly when we need to know them.
for today, i have just learned that the possibility of getting off on the wrong foot is a far better option than never getting off the ground at all. i have smirked in the face of proper grammar, puncuation, and spelling with the intent of getting started.
and guess what....? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
this little piece wouldn't get any awards for writing achievement on any level, but that wasn't really my goal for today. so holding firm to setting and achieving my own goals, rather than conforming to the standards set forth, imposed or implied, by others; i have done completely and satisfactorily what i set out to do.
(the question now is "will i save it as a draft or go ahead and publish it as is?")
i think i will buck the tendency towards perfectionist procrastination and go right ahead and hit the publish button!