Today's lessons...

Playing jump start all day...
Me- Did you learn anything? 
Well I learned one thing
Sometimes even when you cross your fingers, it doesn't really work... 
(Sometimes wishing for something just isn't enough, you have to keep trying)

Making blanket nest with dog...
Me- Can you lay me a golden egg? 
You want me to lay a gold egg? 
Me- Yes
I don't think I can do that... 
Contemplation... But I think I can probably do a pink polka dot one.
(The faith of a child is a beautiful thing, never give up hope)

Sitting next to me, sitting next to S, in the same bed...
Can you ask daddy to text trinity to find out where she is? 
She was in the same house, just not the same room. 
I had my phone in my hand.
(Sometimes you just need to make sure everyone gets involved in your process)

Crying on the stairs, having just finished reading the Warriors series...

...losing someone we care about is always hard, and our capacity to care for others is always incredible... They don't have to be human, or actually even exist anywhere other than in a story, our hearts, or our minds. 

For me-
Every moment, of every day, someone, somewhere, is in crippling, writhing, life altering, pain- for every moment that you are not, count your blessings, including the obstacles. 

Please don't tread on my cheeseburger, he's my only friend in the whole wide world. 

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