Big Sis: Are you ready for me to close the closet door? Little Sis: Let's have a staring contest first. ...five minutes (and lots of giggles) later... Big Sis: I'm not having a staring contest with a stuffed animal! ...fivemoreminutes... Giggles galore and some major silly talk. This reminds me of being a kid, sleeping over at my grandmas house with all our girl cousins, on a pallet on the floor, staying up late and saying silly stuff to make each other laugh, giggling all night (until Mamaw yelled at us from her bedroom- then we'd get really quite, and then all crack up laughing again) It was all fun and games until she threatened to get her slipper... #oldschool #sleepysillies #giggling #childhoodmemories #thegoodoledays #happytimes #homeagain

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