Trinity has decided to write a book. Today.

And so, she started writing it. Today.

Trinity is 11 years old.

Trinity has loved to read for as long as she has been aware that books exist.

And she has HATED writing for almost exactly that long.

But this morning, for some reason, some completely unprovoked, unprompted, unknown reason, she decided to write a book.

So she spent most of the morning writing.

And then asked if I'd like to hear the beginning of her story,which of course I did; and it was a really great beginning of a story. So I told her so...

"That's really well written," i said, "with lots of good details and interest!"

And she replied, quite matter-of-fact-ly, "I've read a lot of good books."

...which she certainly has.

But I just had to ask her, "I thought you hated to write?"

...to which she responded, also quite matter-of-fact-ly, "I was never inspired before."

...and I suppose she wasn't.

Today's life lesson-

Proper motivation comes from proper inspiration. Be inspired!

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