living in the now?

my 11 yr old daughter spent the morning crying for the planet, for the injustice of the rich and powerful making decisions based on greed and personal gain that will negatively affect the rest of us, and for the direction that our society has taken. what is a mother to do with that?

i feel so blessed, and so proud of her, and yet so completely inadequate to help...
for starters, we are doing an experiment on what it would be like to live in another time, (which is something she has repeatedly said she wishes for), so as of now, we are laying out the ground rules of what that is going to look like...

for starters, no tv, i'm assuming no facebook or phone will get tossed into the mix, (withing reason of course), and working out the deets on driving restrictions, electricity usage, acceptable food resources, etc.

wish me luck! this feels like a lot of pressure and responsibility will be resting on me, which i'm already guessing means it's going to have to be spread around. heads up kids, daily chores incoming!

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