it's a WHALE of a TAIL!

We Went Whale Watching!!!!

We are in california right now with my husbands job having an absolutely amazing time!
Yesterday's whale watching cruise was the height of the trip so far!

I guess true to my libra tendencies, i couldn't help feeling torn between the deep inner desire to get really close to them and also a sense of guilt for being a part of disturbing them at all.

The kids were both pretty impressed, although T was also a little disappointed that none of them did flying leaps over the boat! She gets her elaborate fantasy thought processes from me, so i try not to judge her!

Despite not realizing our fantastical imaginings, these gentle giants exuded a sense of grace and majesty that was...humbling.

A boat filled with eager, intrusive tourists fell completely silent as soon as the first humped back broke the surface. 50+ complete strangers edged in closer to one another, shoulder to shoulder, none minding the presence of the others, all in silent awe as we witnessed what was known by all to be a rare treat indeed.


  1. What an awesome picture! Sounds like you had an amazing time!
    From a fellow unschooling family

  2. Hi again,
    Just read your post on my blog. How cool that you are moving towards full timing! And how really cool that you may get to meet Vicki. I've been reading her blog for some time now and think she rocks. To put the nablopomo badge in your blog, go to their site and go to the page where they have badges and right click on the one you want so you can save it to your computer. Then upload it like you would any other picture. Make sense?

    I look forward to reading your blog while you do participate. =)